It was an awesome experience working with Jacqueline Forde. Owner & Founder of Alluring Interiors -- A unique full service Home Staging and Interior Decor company based in Canada.


Our team learned early on that this brand identity called for luxurious and elegant designs. From concept and tone to develop strategies, we were able to create an amazing designs.



We started in with the overall design concept, then brought it to life with a brand strategy by developing a brand vision board of images, patterns and lifestyle images to help the company view the brand revamp at a glance. We developed a new logo design and social media headers. 


The brand is the soul of an experience and we wanted to make an preeminent impression with this design. 

Our creative team made sure this design conveyed the values of Alluring Interiors. We didn't just create a logo, we created an experience by developing color concepts, graphics, patterns, typography, and competitor positioning that together establish what makes Alluring Interiors new identity very distinct. 

H O M E                                           A B O U T                                           O P E N   H O U S E                                           I N Q U I R E                                          P R I V A C Y   P O L I C Y 
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