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Let's Talk Branding!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a working professional, your brand can set you apart from the rest of the stock. Time and again we work on projects where clients come to the table without understanding what exactly branding is and how it works. Branding For Breakfast, was stirred from an idea I had during my very first branding workshop titled "Why Cattle Get Branded". It was a workshop based on the history of branding and the effects brand have on modern-day businesses.

Today, I spin the first hour of every morning in bed answering emails and text messages from my clients about various topics around branding. So starting a blog based around branding was a no-brainer. Especially if it helps feed my clients soul, sort of like the phrase food for talk. You'll find a lot of insight about branding and ways you can use different techniques to brand yourself, such as through the creation of logos, business cards, personal portfolios and more. See my project brand stories examples and bring your questions and experience here to share.

Why you should hire a brand manager? The answer is very simple, you could do it yourself, theres a lot of things you could do yourself. You could give yourself a mani/pedi, rather than going to the nail salon. The beauty of paying to go to a nail salon is that it saves you time. As a small business owner, I know that time is incredibly invaluable and important. A professional knows not only the basics, but also know what to do in times of crisis. No one can success without a team! That dream of being the next Nasty "Girl Boss" Gal will become reachable and successful if you have a sold team. Even your Hairstylist needs a Shampoo girl!

Now I have a question for you; What issues have you ran into looking to bring someone onto your team to help you grow your business?

Photography by @Mamaphotog Taylor Baldwin

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