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Breakfast in Beverly Heels!

Beverly Hills is known all around the world by its main zip code 90210 but Life in Beverly Heels is known for all-round, street-style fashion and loved labels. So we reserved a table for the best dinning in Beverly Heels to catch up with the girl behind the brand and to give you a little glimpse of what life is really like in Beverly’s Heels.

1.) Where is your favorite place to eat breakfast? "I actually haven't found my favorite breakfast place just yet; I never really have time for breakfast. However, I do make time for the next best thing, brunch!!! So far my favorites spots are Angel of Harlem and Fred's at Barneys."

2.) Tell us a bit about the Female Boss behind the brand? "Beverly Beal is actually an introvert homebody. But as a Female Boss I am direct, ambitious, and I'm always striving to be fearless."

3.) What is the meaning behind the name "Life in Beverly Heels"? "The meaning behind "Life in Beverly Heels" is just as is it sounds my blog is about my life in fashion as if you were experiencing it through my heels."

4.) What competitive edge does your brand have that made it a strong brand? "My competitive edge is the amount of professionalism and quality my blog brings. I want to show people just how intelligent the fashion influencers in the community can be. We are a business and a movement."


5.) How do you make your content engaging enough to reach your target audience? "I try to make my content as relatable as possible. From the topics I choose to talk about, to the tips and advice I give on fashion and lifestyle."

6.) How did you conquer fear when building your brand? That is actually a constant battle. But I have learned to not compare myself to anyone, this is the quickest way to become fearful of the success of your brand."

7.) What is one piece of advice you have for other fashion bloggers? Stay consistent and stay in your magic! Your magic is the juice that makes you, you!

Give some feedback in the comments below. Don't forget to check out Beverly's latest post "Fishing in Double Denim" at!

Instagram: @lifeinbeverlyheels

facebook: Life in Beverly Heels

twitter: @lifeinbevheels

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