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Personal Branding A - E: 26 Milestone on The Road to Recognition!

Personal branding refers to adjective that describe the brand such as fun, kind, sexy, safe, sophisticated, etc. How consumers perceive a brands personality is often discovered through qualitative research by asking people to describe the brand as if it were a person or an animal. Your personal brand is the engine of your career. It's fueled by the content you publish and things you do. Recognition ignites it.

I am always brainstorming on creative ways to help my clients brand themselves and how to do it correctly without ruin their reputation. I recently ran across an interesting book titled "The Road to Recognition" by Barry Feldman and Seth Price. The A-Z guide to personal branding for accelerating your professional success in the age of digital media. This week I will uncover A-E! Ready to rev it up? Here are your keys?

A - Is for Authenticity. Understand your brand's all about the real you. You, my friend are your brand. Anything other than the real you won't do. Discover exactly what males you fascinating. Build your brand on your true strengths and allow it to navigate your road to recognition.

B - Is for Blog. Build your personal brand with a blog. Publish your point of view! The most important personal branding development in the age of digital media is the power to publish at will and express your ideas. Start a blog and keep building on it.

C - Is for Content. This is one of my favorites. Create content to connect with your target audience. Valuable content has magnetic power. On your blog - or in addition to it - create an interesting mix of content in various formats to earn the mindshare and trust your brand needs.

D - Is for Design. Design a smart and stylish identity. Look good. Everything you create should be presented with class and continuity. Develop a tasty logo, color palette, and design standards that reflect well on your brand.

E - Is for Email. Establish and expand a list of email subscribers. Own an audience Email is your ace, the money medium. It's private, permission - based and pervasive. Commit to developing an email list and using it to nurture relationships with your subscribers.

"In what ways have these tools help your business? Share and comment below for a chance to EARN a free consultation or 10% off your next design project. Stay tune for F-J next week, you don't want to miss letter I"

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