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Personal Branding F-J: 26 Milestone on The Road to Recognition!

Hey Readers!

So this week I started drafting my first mini eBook shhhhh! But most importantly lol we are covering F - J -- The A-Z guide to personal branding for accelerating your professional success in the age of digital media. Ready to rev it up? Here are your keys?

F - Is for Followers. t Grow a following and lead the conversion. New Media is a two-wat street. You can't have a brand without and audience. Social media makes it possible to develop a tribe of followers - like minded people with common interests - you'll aim to educate and inspire.

G - Is for Google. Assess how the world sees you. Search yourself. Think of goggle as the business card the entire world has instant access to. You need to "Google yourself," evaluate the results and create and execute a plan to look good in the eyes of the searcher.

H - Is for Helping. Th Offer what you can, whenever you can. Put good will to work. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you. Find ways to be helpful! Be the first to volunteer, connect people, or get behind meaningful missions.

I - Is for Influencers - Lookup and connect with the people you look up to. New friends will open doors. Influential professional have prominent friends. Seek out leaders, surround yourself with them, and find ways to be of value to them.

J - Is for Joining. Join communities where ideas are incubated. Make your way into social circles. Affiliations are all-important to the growth of your brand. Find groups you'd be proud to be a part of, get involved and make your presence known.

"In what ways have these tools help your business? Share and comment below for a chance to EARN a free consultation or 10% off your next design project.

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