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Remixing Your Breakfast

Remixing this months Brand For Breakfast Interview. I finally caught up with Remix Interior Design Owner and Lead Designer, Dominique Calhoun. These days if you aren’t building your own brand, your company will suffer. If you want your company to succeed, become an expert in your field, claim a website under your own domain name, connect with the media, and build relationships with your audience. Keep reading for this months inside scoop on Remix Living!

1.) Tell us more about Ms. Remix? Ms. Remix lol- Dominique is the Lead Designer for Remix Living. A city girl who turned a passion into a career! ( NO Literally LOL) Studying Fashion and Business at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore while obtaining a Bachelors Degree, I realized my love for design was deeper then runway fashion but for the love of textiles and furniture. I explored the cooperate world for a few years upon graduating and realized it wasn't for me. I then explored my love for design by beginning my own company called REMIX.

2.) What is the meaning behind your brand? The Remix Lifestyle! We are a Philadelphia based interior design firm who's main goal is to remove the stress from our clients design dilemmas and create an unbelievable experience. Our innovative bold designs and love of unexpected details make our design stories unique and distinctive.

3.) What is your favorite meal to eat for breakfast or where is your favorite place to go? I love a good old cup of Dunkin for Breakfast!! I'm not a big breakfast eater (even though its the most important meal of the day right) a hot cup of coffee is great for me!!

4.) How has Social Media impact your brand? Social Media has played a huge part in developing my brand and has been the biggest advertising outlet for me to get my business seen and showcase my talents. My Instagram following alone has organically grown and my audience really considers me a design expert.

5.) What is the most challenging experience you had in business, how did you overcome it? The most challenging experience I have had in my business is being a full-time Entrepreneur! There were times when I second guessed if I was making the right decision following a dream and still provide for a little one, but I continued to work hard and pray about it and every time I got discouraged things came full circle.

6.) So how do you make your content engaging enough to reach your target audience? I try to make my content stand out by doing before and after videos. This keeps my audience entertained and also tells a complete design story. With some catchy music in the background and a little voice audio a good video captures the audience every time.

7.) What advice would you get to other people in your industry? Advice! Research, Read and find your own way! In the beginning its not a easy walk in the park for anyone; everyone has a story and it doesn't come easy! When your asking for tips on how to get started in the business and someone doesn't provide it to you, don't let it discourage you just put the talent out there and the customers will gain interest and start to ask for your services.



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