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The Best Things in Life Take Time to Develop!

We tend to hear about the one or two stories where marketers were able to capture lightning in a bottle. Most successful marketing campaigns rely on careful testing and thoughtful adjustments. There’s even ample evidence that data science and progressive profiling will heavily play into email campaigns over the next few years, especially as home automation devices like Echo and Google Home start to capture more and more behavioral data.

Testing with different samples and subsets of your subscribers should become more important than ever, which means you’ll need to be patient and nurture your database in order to see the results you want. It also means that you’ll need to take care not to rely too heavily on hunches or assumptions if they’re not backed by A/B testing. For instance, just because someone’s purchases or their browsing history correlates to home buying doesn’t mean that they’re getting ready to sell. You can only truly learn the intricacies of this audience through your own communication with them.

This is your time to test the waters and see what types of content and calls-to-action (CTAs) work with your new audience. It’s often helpful to warm up your audience with content and bonus offers before asking for your conversion. Your audience should feel like they’re gaining value from your emails. If you can capture their attention with top-of-the-funnel material, you’ll gain their trust (and boost open and click-through percentages!).

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