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3 Basic Challenges & Solutions in the Hair Industry!

So for the past 3 years, I’ve been receiving a lot of hair related projects. Which is not surprising, due to the fact that the hair industry is blooming like never before. Although it’s one of the biggest money making industries, it still manages to get tangle in a few marketing knots. Here are 3 basic problems hair brand owners face, and how you can solve them:

Keeping up with the trends

The trends of fashion and styling are constantly changing, so to be a successful, you need to be able to keep up to date with what’s trending in your industry to be able to advise your clients and meet their expectations, especially younger ones.

It can be hard to find the time to do your research, but try and give yourself one morning or afternoon each week to do your online research. Also try to attend hair and beauty shows several times a year. This will prove that you have skills and knowledge to offer to all ages.

Competing with the big brands

Most salon owners sell hair products in their salons, but it can be hard to sell these with such a wide range of choices of products from bigger hair companies where they sell similar products at lower rates.

But one thing that salon owners can benefit from that these shops can’t, is that they actually get to communicate with their customers on a better, more personal level. Talk to your clients to find out what they struggle with the most with their hair, and then provide products that solve their problems.

Also get your client’s email addresses and use email marketing to cross sell your products and services. Also if you ever provide promotions and discounts, use email marketing to advertise these. One big mistake to avoid, is making you promotions too pitchy.

Getting new clients and keeping them

Many salon owners are always working on trying to bring in new clients, which is good, but remember to put your efforts into keeping the clients that you already have. Loyal clients are important in this industry, as some people can get their hair done as often as once a month!

Provide incentives to your loyal customers , examples of these are loyalty cards, discount vouchers, or even giving free products to clients who come to your salon more than a certain amount of times. Or a simple gesture like providing your most loyal clients with a Thank You card for their loyalty to you, can really go a long way.To gain more clients, offer additional services out of the salon like wedding shoots and photo shoots. Not only will this build you client base but it will boost your brand greatly!

Share your thoughts below or contact us to see exactly how we can trim your brand into shape!


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