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The Creative Mind


Nia e is the owner and creative mind behind Nia e Creative Marketing & Brand Design Agency.  An agency based in Philadelphia, PA that is driven to help creatives and entrepreneurs thrive by creating innovative, yet authentic and meaningful brands. 


Nia fosters meaningful relationship with her clients, her design team as well as her partners in order to build their individual confidence to execute the vision of their brand. As the “Director of First Impressions”, Nia builds brand identities by focusing on quality design, research and strategizing brand needs. 

Nia pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at Grand Canyon Universary and studied courses such as english literature, philosophy, and creative arts. Additionally, she studied photography, digital design as well as strategy and business management for two years at Antonelli Institute. 

She is no stranger to style, architecture, design and art. Immersed in Philly’s culture since childhood, Nia has naturally developed the fundamentals needed to present creative concepts that stand out in today’s ever-changing market. Nia’s passion for visual arts guides her future career.


Through her natural talents, Nia helps companies gain visual authority, and create brand stories through creative design.  Her strategic approach to brand development has led to over 100 successful projects across the world that resulted in a 70% increase in client transactions.


Nia's portfolio and experience, which includes such honors as The Brand Impact Award, reflect her understanding of the value of managing your brand and building a reputation.


In 2020, Nia partnered with Wix a billion dollar software company, that provides cloud-based web development services. In 2021, Nia launched the Creative Design Team, a creative hub where creatives can automate online sales, collaborate on digital design projects and seek creative opportunities. 




Our team provides a wide range of marketing & branding services. Our strategies supports many of our client’s in- house resources, in fact we call it Open House! Superb designs, web design, brand management, social media marketing, stunning graphics, image consultant, illustrations, we offer a full-array of capabilities to support your communication efforts.


We believe that our designs has a business purpose that should accomplish a certain goal. That may mean driving sales, educating, promoting, informing, empowering or whatever applies to your particular business needs. With over 10 years of brand design experience, we know how to craft your design project to achieve just your overall goal.



"Nia is an extremely gifted designer. She was able to deliver a flawless combination of creative conceptualization and an impeccable design for all of my rebranding on a gorgeous mood board. I am over the top thrilled with the results. Working with her was effortless and she listened to all my loves and wants.


There are several steps to her process but she could have totally started from the finished product in my books, she is that good! I can't say enough about the quality of her work and her attention to detail. I have already recommended her services to all my dolls! Thank you, Thank you! Amazing

  /  Interior Design Professional /  Canada

“Nia's wonderful graphics were an excellent addition to our brand.

I love the way her vision matches mine and she's quick and efficient too! I couldn't have asked for a better replacement."

 / Health & Beauty Professional  / Delaware

"I have had the pleasure of working with Nia e. on several different projects. She pays attention to every detail and treats your project as if it were her own. A truly passionate individual who literally takes your vision and brings it to life. Equally creative as she is professional.”

/  Health & Beauty Professional / Baltimore


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