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Helping design new brands is a blast, especially when you’re working with Interior Designers as stylish as Alia Li. The New York based company portfolio include residential homes and commercial spaces, weddings, private dinners, and parties. 


Brand Strategy

Develop Brand Identity

Web Design 


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After hearing the story firsthand, we were dying to know more about Alia Li. What’s she like? What was her favorite colors? Her design style? Every brand has it’s unique qualities, and with every answer we heard, it grew clearer that Alia personality would be the centerpiece of The Alia Li brand. Our challenge became translating fashionable, vibrance and character into a complete brand identity.  


We set out to make an easy way for her clients to book. With customizable plugins to the complexities of our booking solution demanded that design be as simple as possible.

Roughly halfway through the brand development phase, we got word that Alia Li wanted to launch in less than a month. With everything at stake, our team grab some coffee and hunkered down to plan our execution strategy. After a long week of late nights, we were able to fast track the official launch by developing a branded ecommerce site in little more than a week.

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