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How To Create A Cohesive Brand When You Have Many Different Interests!

With creativity often comes curiosity, exploration, excitement, passion, inspiration — all of these great things that can lead us to a multitude of exciting disciplines across many different crafts, industries and career paths. One creative discipline often bleeds into the next! As a business owner, you often hear that you need to focus. You need to pick one specific niche that you can totally own and I don’t necessarily think that’s bad advice. In some cases, I've actually seen that advice really pay off. BUT, I have to admit that for the multi-passionate creative, this advice can feel a bit limiting.

So, you may wonder how do you choose what to focus your brand around when you have a ton of different interests? The answer is simple, you don’t choose! Instead of trying to choose one passion to focus on, instead try choosing one underlying theme to focus on. In fact, it can actually be a very effective tool to provide you with the space and leeway you need to explore your interests and evolve over time. How — By building your brand around you! (Don't forget to drop a line in the comments below)

Entrepreneurs are searching for this one connective thread that’s going to weave all their interests together into one neat little package. They spend countless hours wondering just how do I explain to people how teaching music lessons and painting with watercolors actually make sense together. They look for this connective thread in the right brand name or a clever tagline and they usually end up frustrated in their pursuit.

The connective thread is you, ask yourself;

• What is the connection between all of the things that you love?

• What really moves you about the work that I do?

• If you had to boil down all the things that light me up into one single deep underlying purpose, what would it be?

It's about aligning reality with a vision. If you're a creative with a multitude of passions, I encourage you to stop focusing on the WHAT and start focusing on the WHY. Keep challenging yourself to go deeper and you will find the thread that you're looking for because the thread exists in YOU. What strategies are you using? Was this blog post helpful? Tell us your thoughts below...

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