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WatermelonEggrolls for Breakfast!

When you think of Watermeloneggrolls, just think... mouthwatering right? But catch this twist, this post has nothing to do with food. In fact, the name of this brand was used to play off stereotypes."Brilliant!" Whether you are working for a business or for yourself, you are your brand.

Developing a strong brand is imperative. The marketplace of products, services and content is like a crowded New York City street and your followers or prospective buyers are deflecting thousands of messages competing for attention. If you haven't fit time for personal branding into your work life balance, you're going to want to make time as soon as possible. I finally caught up with Ashley Hinton, the Wife/Mom behind the brand @Watermeloneggrolls to find out how she balance the two.

1.) First, tell us the meaning behind the name Watermelon Eggrolls? I created a name that played off of stereotypes, that does not describe my family at all. I wanted to create a conversation around things we assume about blacks, Asians, interracial couples and all diversity. I don't even eat watermelon I think it's gross, and I actually taught my husband how to make homemade egg rolls. My website was created to showcase the truth behind stereotypes. I consider myself a writer and not a blogger. I went to school for journalism and created my site as a resource to families like mine.

2.) Tell us more about the MOM behind the brand? I’m a former Ballet dancer who became a mother at 23 and decided to focus on my writing. Writing is something that has always been a form of self-expression. Creating children’s books, TV show pilots, articles and more is my way of contributing to the world. I want to create content that makes people think, grow and challenge their own beliefs. I live a very minimalistic life style and travel a lot with my husband and kids. I really just want to spend my life having experiences with the people I love. When it’s all said and done I pray that everything I create (my kids and marriage included) has somehow made the world a little better.

3.) How do you balance being a mother, wife and entrepreneur? Communication is key when attempting to balance anything when life is pulling you in different directions. My husband and I are great at helping one another when the other person is overwhelmed. But it starts with good communication. I’m always vocal when I need help and he is always there to help me no matter if it’s just me taking a phone call or a nap.

4.) What is your favorite meal to eat for breakfast or where is your favorite place to go? My favorite meal is a smoothie for breakfast. I’m not a huge breakfast person. I really just like eating kale cesar salads, thai food and tacos. I could eat them any time of the day. I like my food better than anyone else’s food. I usually eat at home before I go out to eat. Cooking healthy organic meals for my family is how I show love.

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5.) How has Social Media impact your brand? Social media has helped my brand on so many levels. Just being able to connect with like-minded people and companies that share the same values. Opening up the door to people you wouldn’t normally meet and or know. Networking is a simple DM or follow away. I’ve been able to allow my page to be a virtual resume when it comes to building with companies.

6.) What's the most challenging experience you had in business, how did you overcome it? Someone stole my intellectual property for a art project. They went on to make money from my original idea and never paid me for it. I overcame it by continuing to build and produce new organic ideas. I don’t believe in getting back at people. I believe in focusing on making myself better and continuing to do the right thing. It was hurtful but I went back to the drawing board and was able to create my children’s book with a more established illustrator with integrity.

7.) So how do you make your content engaging enough to reach your target audience? I didn’t get on IG to build a following or a brand. I got on to share my family and show that black families, interracial families and young families are positive. I noticed a lack of images that reflected me and my friends in magazines and virtual articles. I created my website and IG page as a resource for other young families like my own. I never think about who will engage and or like my photos. I always share what is on my heart and what happens naturally in my life. I think when you create from an organic place, you have organic interactions and are able to engage the right people. I never want my post to become plotted or fake just to get people to follow or like me. When it comes from an honest place it reaches the people its supposed to at that time.

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