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Who Are You Talking To?

If you’ve been in business for a while you’re used to marketing your services or products to a particular type of person. Perhaps that person has a particular problem, a particular demographic or is unavailable to pay you a certain amount of money. There may then come a point in your business when you’re really looking to leverage and grow and you want to make more money, and it’s important to look at raising your fees or changing your business models.

Let me show you how this works!

This past week, I worked with a big client, she’s been making very, very good money, six figures in her business... yet not having to work very, very hard. She has decided that it’s time to multiply her income and multiply her reach in the world and get her message out there in a much bigger way.

We looked at raising her fees, doubling them actually and after gasping she realized that her current target market would not be open, she believes, in paying that much. I said, “Great, let’s change the ‘who’ and let’s go for people who have more money to invest in working with you and who are looking for your solutions.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

I want you to look at your own business and your own target audience. Is it time for you to make more money? Have you been selling your services to what I call, sinking ship clients? People who are always complaining about money etc? Perhaps, it’s time for you to upgrade the target audience so that they can afford your services more. Perhaps it’s time for you to look for a different target audience.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you scrub your existing email list, but it means that you start marketing in a different way with a different message in different places and train that new target audience to invest in themselves through you. Does that make sense?

I want you to think about your products and services. Can you upgrade those? Look at your message. Can you upgrade your message? Look at your target audience, ideal target audience. Is it time to upgrade them as well? If you do all three of these you will make more money in your business.

That is your Client Attraction assignment for the remaining of this month, looking at upgrading the “who,” the “what,” and the message so you make more money. Let's get it done!

Sometimes the person that you’ve been working with, that target audience, is no longer ideal for you. This is where you might want to look at changing the “who.”

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